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Hi there, we are Grow.AI!

"Hire for potential, train for skills": A great idea and mindset. And key to win the talent game in the future. But transferring this idea into reality and implementing it is a tough challenge.

Onboarding employees and developing them along their career journey in the best possible way is something most companies are far away from. Far.

That's why we created Ella. She is the next level of employee onboarding and development. She facilitates onboarding and personal development journeys nobody on earth has experienced yet.

Ella is an AI assistant that helps companies to level up their onboarding and employee development game. Ella covers the whole employee lifecycle by a 360 degree approach and closes all gaps in  employe training and development processes - even the ones companies are not even aware of.

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€2m Seed Round by INFINITE DISRUPTION Ventures

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One of our fundamental beliefs at Grow.AI is that people have skills, passions and sweet spots but you can not label them. Nor can any title in the world sum up your totally unique experience with your personal preferences and skills. We therefore do not care too much about titles.

If you are intrigued by our product come get to know us and let us find out together if you and Grow.AI are a good match.

You are an AI-enthusiast and motivated to start in a team of like-minded people to create something totally new. You truly care about the team and the company you are working in. You are interested in creating and cultivating day by day, a company that is a state of the art "new work" environment.

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Zola Abebe

Head of People

Be on a mission,
not a job.