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Hi there, we are Grow.AI!

"Hire for potential, train for skills": A great idea and mindset. And key to win the talent game in the future. But transferring this idea into reality and implementing it is a tough challenge.

Onboarding employees and developing them along their career journey in the best possible way is something most companies are far away from. Far.

That's why we created Ella. She is the next level of employee onboarding and development. She facilitates onboarding and personal development journeys nobody on earth has experienced yet.

Ella is an AI assistant that helps companies to level up their onboarding and employee development game. Ella covers the whole employee lifecycle by a 360 degree approach and closes all gaps in  employe training and development processes - even the ones companies are not even aware of.

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€2m Seed Round by INFINITE DISRUPTION Ventures

Your Mission

Your Profile

You build, manage and support a 30 people team of machine learning engineers and data scientists

You help to build world-class AI-powered products turning into strong competitive

You create a vision and strategy for our AI & ML roadmap and execute it

You own and oversee our patent strategy and all related processes

You make sure to uphold a culture of respect, integrity, inclusion, and innovation within your team

You bring a proven track record of writing production-grade ML and AI applications in Python and R

You come with demonstrated experience in building, structuring, and leading high-performing technical organizations

You worked in fast-growing technology environments and quickly scaling companies

You've advanced knowledge about patent processes in the AI/ML space

You're a proven Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advocate

Your Impact

Thanks to your work, our AI powered personal development assistant "Ella" will help millions of employees to perform better, to have a siginificantly better employee experience, accelerate their personal growth by 10x, and most importantly: be happier at and with their work.

The Believers

Why is this a unique opportunity?

I worked at Grow.Ai as a Working Student for about 1,5 years and had an amazing time that influenced my career very positively. What stood out for me is the team. From my first day on I had the feeling to be taken seriously, valued and respected even though I haven't had much experience I could bring to the table. I sure love the product "Ella" as its something completely revolutionary, but the team made it a place that I found hard to leave when moving abroad.

Former Working Student Sales & Brand Management

Levent Arslan

Brand Manager at Udine India

I joined Grow.ai as Lead Investor in 2020. From the first time on that I heard about Grow.ai I was fascinated by its mission and the ambitious goals. Onboarding and internal learning is something every company deals with. After meeting the team and getting a deep understanding of the artificial intelligence they created I was thrilled and been it ever since. The second best thing about GA is the team and the culture they created. Being a BIPOC person myself I appreciate how much work and dedication they spend with all topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Guilia Rosenberg

Partner at "INFINITE DISRUPTION Ventures"

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Sina Haller

Maschine Learning Expert

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Zola Abebe

Head of People

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