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Hi there, we are Grow.AI!

"Hire for potential, train for skills": A great idea and mindset. And key to win the talent game in the future. But transferring this idea into reality and implementing it is a tough challenge.

Onboarding employees and developing them along their career journey in the best possible way is something most companies are far away from. Far.

That's why we created Ella. She is the next level of employee onboarding and development. She facilitates onboarding and personal development journeys nobody on earth has experienced yet.

Ella is an AI assistant that helps companies to level up their onboarding and employee development game. Ella covers the whole employee lifecycle by a 360 degree approach and closes all gaps in  employe training and development processes - even the ones companies are not even aware of.

Company Size
€2m Seed Round by INFINITE DISRUPTION Ventures




Empowering great minds to get the best possible onboarding and personal development to unlock their full potential and deliver the best results for their companies.




Ella by Grow.AI will turn into the most important software tool for millions of companies worldwide for
(1) onboarding their employees in the most efficient way and
(2) assisting them in their personal development along the whole employee life cycle.

The Values and Guiding Principles

1. Transparency

2. Integrity

3. Compassion

4. True Leadership

The Benefits

Remote Work Policy

Do what works best for YOU. Work from home, from Bali, or from our Grow.AI collaboration hub in Berlin.


Collaboration Hub in Berlin


We have clearly defined and standardised compensation packages for each role and job level. Visible online, for every team member, because we believe in adequate and transparent compensation, without any bullshit.

Vacation Policy

Unlimited vacation policy, but you HAVE to take at least 24 days off per year

Personal Development

€2000 per year for any kind of development you like (additional qualification, mental and/or physical health)


€100 per month for the mobility and transportation options that are the best for you (public transport, e-scooter, etc.)


Free dental supplement insurance


Team Activities

Monthly team events that help us staying a healthy and well connected team - but in a cool way ✌️

Working Hours

You work when YOU want to work.


Children day care support

The Questionnaire

We challenged
with following questions

What makes you a truly disruptive company?

Ella, our AI powered onboarding and learning assistant, is the first of its kind. Ella's smartness and 360 degrees support in assisting employees in their onboarding and personal development journey is unprecedented and far from everything the world has seen so far.

Ella by Grow.AI is disrupting learning within a company.

We created a solution that helps both, companies and employees, to get the best out of their partnership. Ella transforms learning into a smooth and self-directed process.

We are revolutionizing the training, personal development, and up-skilling market at its core.

What defines your company culture?

Equality. We believe in responsibility instead of hierarchy. We care about your personality instead of titles and CVs when hiring. And we are working every day to maintain and grow a open and extremely diverse set-up to work in where everyone feels included and welcome.

Another important part of our company culture is Balance: We're a fantastic group of people, loving to work together. But that doesn't mean that we need to spend many hours per day all together.

We value time as we believe that truly creative work can only happen if you have enough time for and with yourself.

We believe that we'll get the most our of our partnership when we help you to recharge and find a healthy balance between work and everything else that is important for you in life.

Why do you believe that you foster diversity, equity and inclusion?

A certain part of the whole Team spends around 20% of their working time on all DEI related topics within the company. Each team member owns certain topics, decisions are made by the whole team. The members and projects are constantly changing to make sure we never run out of new and creative ideas and approaches.

Additional to that we run through an external "DEI Check" twice a year to make sure to not loose the bigger picture out of sight and a professional view. This includes a coaching and mentoring program that helps us to constantly improve.

How does your company fit into the principles of “new work”?

New Work at Grow.AI means first of all: change your mindset. When founding the company we wanted to make sure to implement the right and important things right from the beginning.

New work at Grow.AI means we are a human centred company. Therefore we have a hybrid working model, decentralised decision making and we are working with different agile methods.

We wanted to create an environment where amazing people create amazing results because they have the best set up to get the most out of their talent.

We do not want people to only live for their job, go home, sleep, and come back the next day. We are happy when you love your job, but if you run out of energy you shouldn't stay because a clock on the wall tells you to do so.

We want to stand and fight for a world where you can manage to bring everything together, smoothly: your work and everything else that is important to you – your family, your football team, your band, your "whatever". We want to see our team members living rich, joyful, well-balanced lifes with as little compromises as possible. We want to foster "and" instead of "or".

We believe that a well balanced and joyful life is the best source for energy and creativity.

Our mantra: Employees first and company growth second.

How do you support your team members in their personal development?

At Grow.AI we take personal development very seriously. Therefore we support our team with xxx for whatever development they like to do. We also make sure they have enough time to do so.

The Believers

Some experts that vouch for

I worked at Grow.Ai as a Working Student for about 1,5 years and had an amazing time that influenced my career very positively. What stood out for me is the team. From my first day on I had the feeling to be taken seriously, valued and respected even though I haven't had much experience I could bring to the table. I sure love the product "Ella" as its something completely revolutionary, but the team made it a place that I found hard to leave when moving abroad.

Former Working Student Sales & Brand Management

Levent Arslan

Brand Manager at Udine India

I joined Grow.ai as Lead Investor in 2020. From the first time on that I heard about Grow.ai I was fascinated by its mission and the ambitious goals. Onboarding and internal learning is something every company deals with. After meeting the team and getting a deep understanding of the artificial intelligence they created I was thrilled and been it ever since. The second best thing about GA is the team and the culture they created. Being a BIPOC person myself I appreciate how much work and dedication they spend with all topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Guilia Rosenberg

Partner at "INFINITE DISRUPTION Ventures"

The Disruptors

Some people working being on a mission in this company

Ina Svensson

Head of Sales and Brand Management

Sina Haller

Maschine Learning Expert

Your Opportunities

Contact Person

Zola Abebe

Head of People

Be on a mission,
not a job.